St Aidan's JCR

Womens Rugby

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The rugby club is open to players of all abilities, and is mostly formed of players completely new to the sport. We hold weekly training sessions and, in normal circumstances, play matches every Saturday morning. The team has been successful in recent years, winning the college league two years ago, and we hope to continue to replicate this performance. Alongside the sport, we also hold regular socials, and are looking to elect our new social sec from among the freshers. For anyone who is interested but not sure, the club will be hosting a taster session to get an idea of what our practices look like, and meet other people on the team, with dates to follow. Please do reach out as we would love to see you on the team! We have recently merged our team with Van Mildert to create the Van Maidans, with Mildert Captain Hannah Withey, and Aidan's Vice Captain Chloe Thomas, who will be your main contact for the club, who you can reach at [email protected] or message on Facebook.