St Aidan's JCR


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Tennis means summer is here and summer marks the beginning of the tennis season. By the summer term, you are likely to be eager to dust off your racket and go out to the courts. Whether you´re the next Andy Murray, Roger Federer, Serena Williams, or a great fan, who likes picking up their tennis racket from time to time, the college Tennis Club is just right for you! This is the perfect chance for you to be practicing some sport in the good weather, to take your mind off your exams for some time and kick off the summer holiday refreshed, agile and strong as ever. All fixtures are scheduled for the summer term, so feel free to train beforehand by booking the tennis courts. We ask for dedicated members who will be willing to turn up to matches and be able to play in both a friendly and disciplined way. If this sounds right for you,then the SACTC looks forward to welcoming you warmly! Remember that “you only live once, but you get to serve twice!” Tennis Love

- Carolina