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Come and chat with the club here!

Floorball is a type of floor hockey with five players and a goalkeeper in each team which

originates from Scandinavia. It is played on the tennis courts at Aidans college and is a fun

and inclusive club which is great for people looking to try something new (To get an idea of

what the sport is, look on youtube). Nearly everyone has never played before and it is

extremely non-competitive. People of all genders are welcome and it is a very social sport.

When we are allowed there will be lots of socials which everyone can join in with. In short

Floorball is:

- Inclusive and non-competitive

- A great way to meet fellow Aidanites from all years

- Played at college so no need to travel

- An opportunity to try something new

- Its 70% social 30% sport

- Covid secure

- It’s basically chilled out hockey which is more fun!

Contact Details:

- Facebook: St Aidans Floorball Society

- If you want more details contact Will Parr or Sam Lazenby on Facebook