St Aidan's JCR


Aidan???s is extremely fortunate in its design - everything you could possibly need is under one roof! As a result, Aidan???s facilities are constantly ranked highly in comparison to the other colleges in Durham. We boast an impressive JCR, library, music room, interfaith and meditation room, gym, tennis court, bar and beer garden. No matter who you are, you are bound to find that our facilities will suit your needs.


Our Junior Common Room (JCR) is fully equipped with a PS4, WiiU + games, two standard sized pool tables, a dartboard, table football and two table tennis tables. As well as this, there is HD Sky available in the Bailey Room on a projector. The JCR is also home to the college shop and all its tempting delights! (Warning: college toasties may become a nightly addiction!) Our college shop is one of the biggest in Durham and is open every afternoon and evening selling a wide variety of snacks and healthy food at a discounted price to ensure students get value for money. There is also a selection of jobs behind the shop available each year so you can get some invaluable work experience and extra money.


The college library is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and includes an inspiring view of Durham Cathedral, one of the best anywhere in the city. It has plenty of study space so you won???t struggle to find a place during the exam season and has a wide selection of the core textbooks for each course. These are only loaned out to Aidan???s students so you???ll never be pushed to find the book you need. Aidan???s library also has over a number of computers, printing facilities and Wi-Fi access. There are also several library jobs available each year that Aidan???s students can apply for should you wish to earn a little more money.

Music Room

Our fully equipped music room contains a drum kit, keyboard, guitar and bass amps, electric organ, a standard piano, and a PA kit as required. The music room is open daily and is free to be booked out by any student for both individual and group practice sessions.

Interfaith and Meditation Room

Aidan???s is the only college to have an Interfaith and Meditation room that can be used by all students irrespective of their personal beliefs. As a college, we pride ourselves on being accepting of all faiths. Not only is Aidan???s home to the Jewish society, but it also has a lively Christian Union, and its very own Islamic tutor. The Interfaith and Meditation room can also be used as just a quiet space to reflect and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without the need to book.


Membership to our college gym is available for a small fee and the facilities we provide are rivalled only by the University-owned gym at Maiden Castle.?? For just ??35 per year our students are able to use the gym between 7am and Midnight every day. The money raised from the membership fee is ring-fenced, meaning that that it can only be used to fund future gym expenses. As a result, Aidan???s gym is continually being refurbished with new machines and free weights installed on a regular basis. Notable recent additions include a Wattbike.

Tennis Courts and Gardens

Our large garden in the centre of the Aidan???s grounds is another enviable bonus to our student life. It provides a great place to have a play ball games, to revise, or to just relax and sunbathe ??? especially during the summer months! We also have our very own tennis court which can be used for 5 aside football, netball, basketball or tennis.

Bar and Beer Garden

At Aidan???s we have a recently refurbished, vibrant and lively bar, complete with a beer garden, which is often at the heart of student socialising. Prices of drinks are comparatively inexpensive and there are always plenty of non-alcoholic options. We have a fantastic mocktail menu to accompany our regular open-mic and cocktail nights. The bar hosts a selection of social events throughout the year ranging from small weekly quizzes to large summer festivals. Jobs behind the bar are available each term so you can get some valuable extra money and bar experience should that interest you.