St Aidan's JCR

Things you need to do before coming to Durham

1. Get access to your Durham University username

Once your place has been accepted, you should receive two email from Computing and Information Services (CIS) to the email address that you used for UCAS login. The first email will contain your 'CIS username' which consists of four letters and two numbers, such as 'abcd12'. The second email will give instructions on how to derive your CIS password. If you haven't received an email, check your spam folders. You should expect email to be from '[email protected]'

Follow the instructions given to set your security questions, and to also insert a backup email that can be used to recover your account if you forget your password. Use your initial CIS username and password to log into the page here ( Then fill in the information.

Now, make sure you change the password to something secure. The password change link can be found here: (, and then you will be all set!

If you have any problems you can contact the JCR IT Officer for advice at [email protected], or contact the IT Service Desk directly.

2. Enrolment (very important)

Using your CIS username and password, visit Durham University Online, the online learning platform for Durham University students, at?? log in. From here, click on the 'Banner Self Service' link under the 'External Tools' section, and once it loads, select the 'Registration and Enrolment' option. Follow the instruction onscreen to enrol with the university.

You should receive an email once enrolment has been successful. If you have any questions, contact your department.

3. Get access to your emails

Using your CIS username, you can access emails by going to clicking 'Student Email'. Use your CIS username and password to log in here, and you will be magically at your email!

All correspondence from us, the college, and your department will take place through this email account, so ensure you check it regularly.??

Please note, it can take up to 48 hours for your email account to be activated after completing enrolment. If you still can't get access, email the IT Service Desk.

4. Room Allocation Form

To help us allocate you a room, please fill in the room allocation form.??The information given here is used to ensure that you are assigned a roommate that you will be happy with (if you are lucky enough to be sharing), as well as ensuring that you are on a corridor with like-minded people.

This form will be available soon.

5. College Registration Form

College need some information about you. This form will be available soon.

6. Vaccinations / GP Change

Before coming to Durham, ensure that you are up to date on all your vaccinations. The MMR vaccine, along with the meningitis vaccination (meningococcal type C) are the ones that are particularly important to have.

It's also recommended that you change your doctors to one that is in Durham; if you are ill during term time, you can then easily get medical help. In the event you are ill during term time, as well as informing your GP, you should also contact the College Support Staff, particularly where assessment comes into it.

Many people use the Claypath and University Medical Group as their doctors.

7. Join the Facebook group for your year

The St. Aidan's Freshers' 2020 Official??group is now available. This will be used for all communication throughout the year. In the run up to Freshers' Week, you can post questions to be answered by the Freshers' Reps, as well as get to know other new Freshers. Just search or follow the link St Aidan's Freshers 2020 (Official), and once you ask to join the group, the JCR President will add you to the group.

Please be careful with unofficial facebook groups, as these are quite often run by people/organisations independent of the University, Students' Union, or St Aidan's College.

8. Read the handbooks

Handbooks will also be available soon. Both for home students and international students. Check back soon.

9. Prepare your computer

Due to new changes in the University network most devices should be able to connect without issue. Devices using software such as VPNs should also be fine although it's something worth checking if you arrive in Durham and experience issues.

Further help will be available throughout the week. If you have any IT related questions before this time feel free to email the IT Officer.??

Important Note

While we aim to be 100% accurate here, there is a chance that we have missed something/content is inaccurate. Therefore, make sure you read through the official College website, which contains all the necessary information and documents.