St Aidan's JCR

Freshers' Welfare

Freshers' Week can be a daunting time, and that's fine. We hope you'll have a fantastic time at University but for some people it can be difficult. At Aidan's we have multiple avenues of support from our JCR Welfare team to the college support team. There is also help available from the University centrally and more information on all of this is available under the welfare section of this website.

Below are some documents specifically written with your first few weeks at University in mind, to help you through what can be a testing time. However we want you to remember than no matter how long it takes you to settle in at St Aidan's, from a day to a week to a whole term, year or longer, there is a place for you here and we will do everything we possibly can to make you feel welcome from day one.

Click to look at the Beating Homesickness Guide