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Congratulations on your results, and welcome to St Aidan's College JCR.

This special area of the site contains all the information you need to know for freshers' week. Please check back regularly for more information related to your new journey into an Aidan's wonderland. We will be posting the Freshers' Week and International handbooks later on this summer, along with various forms. 

We will also be introducing you to the Freshers' Representatives on this site, so make sure you don't miss that!

In the meantime, if you have any questions at all, please email Alex, your JCR President, at [email protected].

We look forward to meeting you!

Also, the official College site has more content that you should probably read. This can be found here.

St Aidan's Frep Team

What to expect from Freshers' Week

Seen as scary and daunting by some, long awaited and exciting for others, what should your expectations actually be for a St Aidan's College Freshers' Week?

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Big Durham ToDo List

The things you need to do before coming to Durham

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JCR Levy Information

Information about becoming a member of St Aidan's JCR

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Read more about all the support you have available to help you settle in to University. This can be a hard time for some people, so we want to make your Freshers' Week the best it can be.

Fresher's Handbook

Freshers' Handbook

Everything you need to know about Fresher's week and starting at Aidan's

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International Freshers' Handbook

An extra document containing useful information for all international students

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Freshers' Week Wristbands

Buy your Freshers' week event wristbands and t-shirts here!

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Freshers' Week Photos

Grab your college photos from Freshers' week here!

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Check here to see what's going on in college throughout the week