St Aidan's JCR

Badger's Guide to Aidan's Events

Here is the mascot's guide to Aidan's events.

Termly Events


Our formals are some of the best that Durham has to offer. They are predominantly themed fancy-dress events, rather than requiring you to wear a gown. As such, our formals have a comparatively more relaxed atmosphere. We decorate our hall with banners, balloons, and full table dressings, and follow some of our own fun traditions after the meal. Formals are a great chance to dress up (be that in black tie or a silly costume), consume a delicious meal with friends and then enjoy some mandatory karaoke in the bar.

Aidan's Live Lounge

Aidan's Live Lounge is the shop's big event of the term, and probably Aidan's most chilled out music night. This event sees all of Aidan's most talented performers showcasing their talent in the ambient setting of our Junior Common Room with a selection of special offers on food from the shop.

Newcastle Club Nights

For those who wish to venture outside Durham, our Social Committee organises regular club nights in Newcastle, with transport pre-arranged.

Other Termly College Events

The Bar Committee organises at least one themed event per term. MAD regularly have events ranging from a College Panto to more regular Open Mic Nights. The Shop Committee also run wonderful FIFA and MarioKart tournaments, if you want to get your kicks. There are also a number of events run by our lovely language groups, the Aidan's International Society, and various smaller societies (such as film nights).

Annual Events

Winter Ball

The Winter Ball is the first big event that Aidan's hosts, in the Michaelmas Term. It's packed with various events, from tribute acts all the way up to a grand bop, from arcade machines to balloon artists. There's really something for everyone.

Informal Ball

The Informal Ball is the big event of second term providing a hub of themed entertainment following some tasty food and drink. College is decked out in paintings and props galore with enough miniature entertainments to match. This is organised by our Formals Committee with previous themes including “Childhood”, “A Night at the Movies”, “Carnival” and “Forest".

Summer Ball

Summer Ball is the biggest event of the year. Each of the colleges hosts their own Summer Ball, and here at Aidan's we are known for throwing one of the best in terms of value of entertainment. With an impressive budget, this black tie ball brings you the greatest display of entertainment, music and fun. Previous themes have included "Circus" and "Neverland", which saw a Ministry of Sound DJ perform in our dining hall, four fairground rides and the grounds of Aidan's lit up in glorious wonder, featuring projection art. The ball goes on throughout the night, from 6pm to 6am, ending with a champagne breakfast and survivors photo so you can prove you're past the ultimate test of endurance.

Summer Festival

This is the annual event our Bar Committee host after exams each year in summer, which is open to all of Durham's students. This event is a day long extravaganza of beer, ale and cider tasting from around the world, coupled with fair ground rides, wonderful live music acts performing outdoors in the beer garden, and food vans varying from a hog-roast to a vegan van! This is one event not to be missed.

Durham Wide Events

Aidan's Ski Trip

Durham University runs an annual ski-trip in January at a very reasonable price. This year over 170 Aidanites of varying ability, spent a week conquering Les Arcs. This is a great way to either try something new or to just go on holiday with your friends!

Senior Common Room Events

The Senior Common Room also holds regular cultural and dialogue forums that undergrads are welcome to attend. for more information, contact the SCR Executive Committee.