St Aidan's JCR

Living Out

Every Aidan's student has the option to live in college for the full duration of your time at university; however, the majority of Aidanites choose to live out in their 2nd year, which involves renting private accommodation somewhere in Durham. This is a big decision to make, but rest assured the JCR will be there to lend a helping hand at every stage. Deciding who you want to live with is a big decision, so relax and wait until  you know you have found a group of people that you will enjoy living with; and don't worry, the number of properties in Durham city outnumbers the amount of University students every year, so there is ALWAYS enough housing available throughout the year! The housing office at the Durham Students’ Union checks over every contract and will work with landlords on your behalf if you ever have any issues, click here and there is also a University-wide “Find a Housemate Night” in 2nd term to help those wishing to find housemates outside of college.

Staying In Touch

Our Community Officer ([email protected]) and their committee are dedicated to informing, assisting and connecting those who choose to live out of college. As such, 'CommComm' organise regular events specifically for livers' out (such as paintballing and trips to theme parks and the beach)! Even when you live out we hope that you still see Aidan's as your home; you are welcome to use the college facilities in exactly the same way as you did when you lived in (we even occasionally host FREE meals for those who live out to remind you of how good student life is when you don’t have to worry about what you're going to cook)...