St Aidan's JCR

IT Help

At the beginning of every term, CIS will run a scan on every PC/Laptop to verify that it meets the network requirements. So let's hope you meet them, because otherwise fixing your issue once at college, will be difficult with no internet access!

We recommend having Windows Defender, Sophos or Avast installed on your machine, and these are known to work with the quarantine system. While other anti-virus programs might work, if you having trouble then we recommend uninstalling and installing one of these known-good programs.

When preparing to return to Durham for either the Epiphany or Easter terms, you can use the Remote Scan tool to scan your computer before returning to Durham. Make sure you take advantage of this, as you don't want to be left without Wi-Fi in the busiest of terms.

Windows Laptops

If you are on Windows 10, you should already be protected with Windows Defender. If you are using another anti-virus program, we recommend uninstalling it, which will then automatically activate Windows Defender.

On Windows 7, or if Windows Defender is not detected/having problems, you can install Avast. Click here to download Avast, which is our recommended antivirus.

You should now pass the test when connecting to DU Student/going through remote scan.

Mac Laptops

Click here to be taken to Sophos website. Register for an account, and then click submit. Click on the 'Download' button. Then, scroll down to the bottom, and check the 'I accept' box. Finally, click the 'Submit' button, and the download should begin. Double click the file once it has downloaded, and then open the setup within the extracted folder.

To check that it has installed, look up at your menu bar, and an 's' inside a shield should appear as follows:

Sophos test

You should now pass the test when trying to connect to DU Student.

Linux Laptops/Mobile

Passing the check is easy; no additional software is required!

Particularly on Linux, Chromebooks and Android, you might need the following details when connecting. On Ubuntu, connect to the Wi-Fi as you normally would, and select 'DU Student'. A 'Wireless Network Authentication Required' window will appear, where you will need to enter the following details:

Wireless Security: WPA & WPA2

Authentication: Protected EAP (PEAP)

Anonymous Identity:  Leave this blank

CA certificate: (None)

PEAP version: Automatic

Inner Authentication: MSCHAPv2

Then enter your username and password, and click connect. A message will appear, but just click the ignore button. You should now be connected!

Bradford Dissolvable Agent Problems

Web browser shows a grey screen

This is due to HTTPS issues. You need to connect to an http site, as otherwise a security warning will be thrown. Navigate to, and note the HTTP is very important here. You should now be able to carry out the dissolvable agent as normal.

"Unable To Read Policy" Error

If this error appears when opening the dissolvable agent, close out of the agent. Delete all copies of the Bradford Dissolvable Agent by going to your downloads, and then go to the recycle bin and empty it (which will ensure that the agent is deleted).

You will now need to turn off your firewall. On Windows go to the Control Panel, click "System and Security", and then "Windows Firewall". If the firewall is turned on (you can see a lot of green), turn it off by clicking "Turn Windows Firewall on or off" in the sidebar. Now reboot your system, then run the precheck again, and hopefully you should pass! For MacOS, the firewall should be in System Preferences, unless you are using some other firewall software.

Once you have passed the precheck, be sure to turn the firewall back on (carry out the same steps as you did before to turn the firewall back on for Windows).

If you still have issues, there might be some further steps that you need to complete. Contact the IT Officer for more information.

Agent fails to find server

This should rarely happen, but if you get this error (a repeat of wifi-gate in Epiphany 2016), then type in:

when it requests the server address.

Cannot Connect To The Internet

If you have already passed Bradford this term, you might have incorrect DNS settings. you will have to select 'Manually Enter DNS Settings' and enter the following details:

Primary Name Server:

Secondary Name Server:

Please note, these DNS settings probably won't work outside of the university, so you might have to change them back to the 'Automatically Detect DNS Settings' option when you are not on the DU Student network.

Error 500/Service Temporarily Unavailable

If accessing the agent, and you get either of these, then this is generally to do with the server being overloaded. This often happens at the beginning of term because everyone is trying to connect at once. In this case, keep trying for a few days and if the issue still isn't resolved, contact the IT Officer/IT Service Desk as there could be something wrong with the system, that needs to be fixed.

Any other problems

If you have any issues with your Wi-Fi, or something isn't right with your laptop, contact [email protected] with an email explaining the problem, with a screenshot/picture of the problem, and details about your operating system. This will help in diagnosing the problem sooner.