St Aidan's JCR

Tech Committee

Hello Aidan’s! I’m Connor, your Tech Chair. 

Along with my wonderful Technology Committee and team of volunteers I will be responsible for all things Tech and Media in the JCR this year! Are you the sort of person that likes messing around with electronics? Are you looking for a real platform to practice your coding skills? Are you a dab hand with a camera? Think you can turn your unhealthy addiction to social media into something productive? Then get involved with Tech and Media at Aidan’s! At Aidan’s we have a jam-packed calendar of events throughout the year; everything from small open mic events to formals to our huge Summer Ball. Behind all these is a dedicated team of volunteers, helping behind the scenes to make everything run smoothly. From lighting and sound, to photography and video, to web development and social media, if it involves a plug, and it’s in the JCR, we’re probably involved. 

Get involved! Becoming an officer on Technology Committee comes with more responsibility, but if you’d rather just help out at the odd event, then join the other volunteers in Team Tech! There are two positions going up in the first JCR meeting of term: Marketing & Photography Officer and First Year Formals Tech Officer. The latter position is only open to Freshers, and is the perfect opportunity to get involved in the committee from the very beginning of your time at Aidan’s! Later in the year the other committee positions, Shop Tech Officer, Social Technical Director, Tech Vice Chair, Tech Treasurer and IT Officer will go up for election. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me for more information about these or any of the other positions! Come along to our Lighting & Sound taster sessions at the start of Michaelmas Term to have a go at using some of our equipment. 

We’ll also be running Tech Training, to introduce members of the JCR to running tech for events. Recent purchases include a Behringer X32 Compact, and six moving lights. Web Development more your thing? If so, come along to our taster sessions and training also at the start of Michaelmas, where you can work on various parts of the main JCR website, building new features, or indeed building web toys for various events throughout the year! 

Still not convinced? Then feel free to come and say hi and try out what you like!

Tech love, 


Tech Chair: [email protected] // Facebook: Aidan’s Team Tech // For specific questions and information about becoming part of the team of JCR Web or Software Developers, please contact Faiz Zaman, IT Officer: [email protected] // GitHub: AidansJCR