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Steering Committee ensure democracy rules at Aidan's. On this section, you can read the standing orders, submit a motion, start a society and more. Scroll to the bottom for these links!

What-ho all! I’m Joe Chanyacharungchit, a 3rd year Classicist and English literature student, and JCR Chair! Being chair means, I am ‘the guardian of college democracy’, responsible for maintaining the standing orders (the governing documents of the JCR), and more excitingly, organising JCR Meetings!

The JCR can become a fundamental part of your college and university experience, through societies, sports teams and just generally making friends with a lovely group of people. That being said JCR Meetings really are the foundations of Aidan’s JCR! During these meetings, JCR members (any Aidanite, undergrad or postgrad, who paid the JCR levy*) meet to elect people to JCR positions, vote on motions, and discuss college issues. All whilst enjoying free pizza! In the last few years we had motions ranging from making the pool tables in the JCR free to use (they used to be 30p!), allowing postgrads to join the JCR, and many more which are accessible through the JCR website.

We have eight meetings a year, with your first taste of college democracy coming at the end of freshers’ week, on Sunday 6th October! Watch out for an email from me ([email protected]) with info on what positions will be going up at that first meeting, and how to apply, and remember to click ‘going’ on the Facebook event. If you have any questions about what the positions entail, what meetings are like, how to get involved, or anything else at all, don’t be afraid to ask me! You can do so by talking to me in person, sending an email to the above address, or by messages “Aidans Steering” on Facebook. Looking forward to meeting you all for what is going to be a fantastic fresher’s week!

[* don’t worry if you think you opted out of the levy, it’s not too late to pay! There will be
another chance to soon, watch out for more details!]

Steering Committee

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The rules of the JCR

Steering Committee

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If you want to change something about the JCR, submit a motion.

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