St Aidan's JCR

Creating a Society

At Aidan???s we have a range of societies and clubs available for all our members to get involved with. Nonetheless, if there is a society or club that you wish to be involved in that does not currently exist in Aidan???s, setting up a new one couldn???t be easier! Firstly, a proposal needs to be sent to the current President & Chair. This can be done by filling in the form below. Following this, the JCR President will contact you to have a chat about the intricacies of the society or club. The final stage in this process is ensuring that the society is ratified by the JCR; this usually occurs at the next scheduled JCR meeting. New clubs and societies generally have no problems in getting this approval. Only ratified clubs or societies can apply for financial support from the JCR Finance Committee. Ratified clubs or societies can also have their assets included on the JCR Register, and have a ring-fenced section within the main JCR account.??

If you want to proceed with starting a society, fill in the Society Ratification Form, now found online under Steering Comm's website section.