St Aidan's JCR

Outreach Committee

Hi everyone, my name’s Emily and I’m your Outreach Chair this year! First of all, welcome to Aidan’s, aka the best college in Durham. I can’t wait to meet you all and I hope that you’ll get involved with lots of the events that Outreach Comm runs. My role is to organise and coordinate all volunteering and charity work within Aidan’s and the wider Durham community. I am also the ‘Keeper of College Spirit”, which basically means I get to lead the chants at formals (my favourite part of the job) and make sure that livers-out still feel a part of Aidan’s. Additionally, as Outreach Chair, I am also the representative of Aidan’s for the Durham Students’ Union.

Charity + Volunteering

Last year, we set up a volunteering group at the local Foodcycle in Durham, where Aidan’s students could go and either prepare food for, or chat to, residents of Durham who cannot afford food or want some company as they live alone. We are also aiming to set up other volunteering opportunities in schools around Durham, and we are always open to any new ideas about how else we could help the local community. Outreach Comm also held fundraising events last year for a Durham homelessness charity, DASH. We also lead the annual ‘Walk for Freedom’ in Durham, which is a campaign to raise money and awareness to fight modern slavery – keep an eye out for information about the virtual one this year!

The SU

The Durham Students’ Union is the highest form of student representation within the university. It’s who the university talks to when it needs to consult students on issues such as accommodation fees or university policy. I attend SU meetings and then vote on behalf of Aidan’s students, so I will keep you updated on motions which are going to be proposed and ask for your opinions before each meeting.

Keeper of Community Spirit

Outreach Comm organise housing events in first term to make sure that looking for a house for second year is as easy as possible. We also organise college trips such as a trip to the beach in third term! Very importantly, I organise orders for college stash, so keep an eye out for that so you can show everyone how proud you are to be an Aidanite!

If you’re interested in anything I’ve mentioned above, please let me know and get involved with Outreach Comm!

Outreach love xx

[email protected]