St Aidan's JCR

Finance Committee


I’m Alex, your JCR Treasurer for this year! I’m starting my third year here at St. Aidan’s.

My job is quite fun - TLDR; I spend money to benefit all of us.

It’s not that easy, but its a whole lot of fun (and a whole lot of money)! In fact, my team and I will be managing about £200,000 over the next few months, and it’s a big task to make sure they are well spent.

Every penny that is spent by the JCR to make the magical Winter and Summer Balls (and a whole load of other lovely events and activities) happen would have gone through many of us FinComm members’ trusty hands and Excel Sheets too!

FinComm is a big and well-represented team, comprising of people from all areas of the JCR: Sports, Societies, Committees, el Presidente himself, as well as the Shop and the Bar! If talking pounds and pennies is something that lights you up, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me about going for a position on the committee! It’s really fun, fulfilling - a fantastic way to meet and work with new people, AND it looks amazing on your CV. 

Besides working, I also enjoy just chilling and hanging out in the JCR, playing games and table tennis too (sometimes)! I’ll be in College on most days, so feel free to challenge me to Mario Kart! If you win, I might just get you a pint. 

I’m always available to answer your queries, attend to your requests, or respond to your banter with some lame memes. You can reach me at Alex Hanbury-Tenison on Facebook, and at [email protected]

My team and I are so excited to welcome each and every one of you to St. Aidan’s this coming Fall. See you at Fresher’s Week!